BlacklivesBETTER??,” Peete wrote in reference to

BlacklivesBETTER??,” Peete wrote in reference to

admin September 9, 2016

I am proud of the progress that, overall, has been made with policing in America generally and Connecticut in particular, but brutal police actions like those in Minneapolis erase years of goodwill established between law enforcement and community in an instant. It is natural to demand perfection in law enforcement. However, as no profession is devoid of wrongdoers, we cannot expect perfection in all instances..

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She also tweeted about having a sleepless night thinking about Elijah McClain, a Black man who died last year after being put in a chokehold by police. “I woke up worrying about how to prevent my sweet special son from meeting a similar fate and you woke up worried about checks tweet again. BlacklivesBETTER??,” Peete wrote in reference to Crews’ tweet..

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There are two options for answering this kind of question lie or tell the truth. If he lies, if he says yes, he has a family, really he swears, then later he will have to remember the lie and keep it the same. If he tells the truth, he’ll probably be asked more questions that he couldn’t answer with the truth and he’ll lie anyway.

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