The girls were coached by Ray Cammerata

The girls were coached by Ray Cammerata

admin August 15, 2016

What Exactly Is a Solar Oven?A solar oven, sometimes referred to as a solar cooker, is a device that allows you to cook food using the sun’s energy as fuel. The most common kinds of solar cookers are curved concentrators (also known as parabolic cookers,) panel cookers, and box cookers. Curved concentrators resemble a mirrored satellite dish.

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The shoe burners preferred the good ol’ days. Back then Michael “Republicans buy sneakers too” Jordan floated above race and class politics, while not too far from Chicago Stadium South Side, poor kids were shooting each other for the latest Jordan Vs. “Kap” was the first NFL player to sit, then kneel, during the national anthem to protest against the shooting of unarmed black people by police.

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