Instead he came into training camp out of shape

Instead he came into training camp out of shape

admin August 13, 2016

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cheap jerseys He’s done very well. He’s been able to grow more defensively, which is an area that we wanted for him to improve, and offensively he’s a very, very good player that gives us a lot of different situations to be stronger going forward. All the conversations that are ongoing and we’re very hopefully that he can stay here with us for the future.”. cheap jerseys

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wholesale jerseys from china (AP / Darron Cummings)He probably right about the distraction part (that team is a mess either way), but for him to not apologize or feel contrite in any way regarding the matter is yet another example of how little Felton gets it.Of course Blazers fans will remember (or choose to forget), Felton lone season with the team as one of the worst high profile pickups in recent memory and it wasn for anything he did off the court.Joining a promising Portland team that included LaMarcus Aldridge, Nicolas Batum, Wesley Matthews, Gerald Wallace, Marcus Camby and Jamal Crawford, Felton was thought to be the point guard of the future. Instead he came into training camp out of shape which greatly affected his and the team performance for the first quarter of the season.Add to that every dribble off the foot, every turnover after a failed split of the double team, every awkward looking floater and missed wide open shot as well as blaming everyone (fans, Nate McMillan) but yourself about your poor play and by the end of wholesale nfl jerseys the season, anyone who followed the Blazers had a pretty good idea of what kind of a person Raymond Felton was.Watching the short clip of Felton on Wednesday where he appeared to be annoyed at the very thought of having his character questioned or the fact that he was speaking for everyone in the Knicks organization by saying his arrest wasn a distraction, it reminded me and probably a lot of fans of just how little he seems to care about anyone but himself.His time in Portland was short lived and based on this incident and his play with the Knicks this season (10.4 PPG, 40 percent shooting, 29 percent 3 point shooting), which is worse than his season with the Blazers, it safe to say he will be looking for yet another home in the NBA next year.Portland Suddenly Playing Better DefenseWith the loss of Aldridge, as well as the majority of the team frontline due to injury, the thought was that Portland defense would not only continue to be mediocre, but that it would get worse. But during the team current four game winning streak, they held all four opponents below 100 points wholesale jerseys from china.

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