Neither plan would do what other states have done

Neither plan would do what other states have done

admin August 11, 2016

Find out how to catch the fourth and final round action here.The SMRC eSports Spring Championship thrills againFacebookThe Scottish Motor Racing Club’s eSports Spring Championship virtual motorsport competition has once again created online circuit thrills and spills for competitors and viewers alike. Find out who won in Round 2 and how to join in the action here.The SMRC eSports Spring Championship creates a real buzzMotor racingThere’s been a huge amount of interest in the Scottish Motor Racing Club’s eSports Spring Championship leading to some cracking races in round one with the promise of more to follow in the weeks ahead.Dario Franchitti wins on his eSports race debutMotor racingScots motorsport great Dario Franchitti proved he’s as good in the virtual world as he is on the real life track when he topped the podium in his first ever eSports event. And the Scottish Motor Racing Club is running its own eSports championship, starting this weekend.Scots race aces Dario Franchitti and Jonny Adam join eSports battlesMotor racingAlthough real world motorsport has been postponed or cancelled because of the coronavirus crisis, drivers and fans can still find thrills in the virtual sphere of eSports.

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