More than 75 percent of the jobs projected to have

More than 75 percent of the jobs projected to have

admin July 10, 2016

IRS special agents represent the Criminal Investigation Division of the Internal Revenue Service. If you been contacted by special agents from the IRS, it means the IRS may believe you have committed a tax crime and are conducting a criminal investigation about you and/or your business. The IRS special agents are the individuals who will determine whether your case should be referred for criminal prosecution..

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cheap jerseys But no economy can afford to go that long without collapsing.Already, more than 1 million unemployment claims have been filed in Los Angeles County since stay at home orders were issued in mid March, according to the Los Angeles Economic Development Corp. More than 75 percent of the jobs projected to have been lost paid less than $50,000 a year.”A lockdown is not sustainable in any way politically, economically or health wise over an 18 month period,” Sood said. “So then the question becomes how do you start opening gradually and safely so that you don’t overwhelm the health care system but at the same time you keep your economy running?”One industry that could see a gradual reopening soon is Hollywood, where TV, film and commercial production remains at a standstill. cheap jerseys

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