“The for profit nursing home industry association

“The for profit nursing home industry association

admin July 4, 2016

The second fascinating element of this mega series is the temporal component. Jordan’s magnificence shone brightest before the Internet. He is the last sports great to do his thing before Twitter and Instagram could micro analyze every achievement (or transgression) before sunrise the next morning.

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Cheap Jerseys free shipping The [reporting] system cheap nfl jerseys has capability for retrospective reporting from January 2020 onward, consistent with [Centers for Disease Control]’s mission critical work, but CMS will not take enforcement action if a nursing home is unable to accurately report information from that time.”The document continues, “However, we encourage facilities to report older data as it will help with CDC’s ongoing surveillance and response efforts to assess burden of COVID 19 in nursing homes, and support a comprehensive national surveillance of the pandemic.”CMS did not respond to a request for comment for this story.In a call last week with reporters, CMS administrator Seema Verma was asked about the data collection efforts and seemed to indicate data collection would extend back before May 6.According to an NBC News transcript of the cheap jerseys call, a reporter from the Phoenix Business Journal asked Verma, “Are you going all the way back to the beginning of March to report those numbers? Or will those numbers start from just now when they’re collecting it? How is there going to be a look back period for COVID cases in depth?”The administrator responded, “Yes there is going to be a look back period so we’ll get to know sort of the status of the nursing homes. And then the requirement is that they report to us on a weekly basis so we’ll have the look back and then we’ll also have the go forward.”The for profit nursing home industry association, the American Health Care Association, asked CMS for clarification of the data collection efforts in April. The AHCA told NBC News via email, “We support transparency, and we encouraged reporting to public health officials and residents, families and staff in our own guidance to members in early April.””Nursing homes were already reporting this information to state and local health departments prior to May. Cheap Jerseys free shipping

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