I tried to do my studying of the more popular guys

I tried to do my studying of the more popular guys

admin July 3, 2016

Per the citation, “CW3 Adams courageously placed himself in the direct line of enemy fire in order to protect a disabled waterborne patrol in the Euphrates River near Ramadi, Iraq. As his attack weapons team audaciously flew close combat attack maneuvers, he effectively covered the lead Apache then engaged and destroyed the enemy, preserving the lives of and preventing further damage to the disabled patrol. His actions are in keeping with the finest traditions of military heroism and reflect distinct credit upon himself, Charlie Company, the I 149th Attack Reconnaissance Battalion, the 36th Combat Aviation Brigade and the United States Army.”.

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Arcanist skills for speed levelingOlexra’s Flash Freeze lets you nuke out enemies in 16 meter range. The skill can almost cover your whole monitor screen when you execute it. Getting the modifier Absolute Zero will make this skill even more powerful.

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