The Justice and Community Safety Directorate’s

The Justice and Community Safety Directorate’s

admin June 29, 2016

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Canada Goose online Police and Emergency Services Minister Mick Gentleman said the government worked closely with event organisers on a range of public safety measures. He said the barriers would complement upgrades to the public safety CCTV network.The Justice and Community Safety Directorate’s executive branch manager of security and emergency management, Bren Burkevics, said the government had spent $40,000 on two sets of the mobile barriers, which could be locked into position and unlocked within seconds using a removable handle.”If a vehicle were to drive into [a barrier], whether for a hostile purpose or if someone had a medical emergency, it catches the vehicle and sort of picks it up,” Mr Burkevics said.”We trialled them during New Year’s Eve and the National Multicultural Festival.”One of the challenges that we have in creating safer public places is that if you use barricades or concrete blocks and an emergency happens, it’s slow to get emergency vehicles in.ACT Roads works co ordinator Mick Sullivan and Bren Burkevics from the Justice and Community Safety Directorate check out the new portable barriers the ACT government has bought to stop vehicle ramming attacks. Picture: Karleen Minney”The advantage of these barriers is that while they’re designed to stop a truck at up to 7.5 tonnes, you can move them quite quickly out of the way.”Mr Burkevics said the government’s two sets of barriers consisted of 12 “legs”, each of which could be removed and re configured to create one long barrier or several shorter ones.”The government will of course assess the need for further investment in these products, but we think this is probably the minimum capability that we need here in the ACT to strengthen the safety of our events,” he said.Mr Burkevics said each major event was assessed for risk, and the barriers would be useful at any event with a mass gathering of people.He expected the barriers would be used again on New Year’s Eve and at the National Multicultural Festival.Despite Floriade being considered a low risk and controlled environment, the barriers would also be rolled out there to give ACT government staff an opportunity to become familiar with them.The purchase of the barriers is part of a wider $2 million ACT government investment, as the territory implements local measures under the federal government’s Strategy for Protecting Crowded Places from Terrorism.. Canada Goose online

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