Estos discursos televisados tambin han sido usados

Estos discursos televisados tambin han sido usados

admin June 14, 2016

We’d be more entertained with three tractor pulls, a Milli Vanilli cover band, a Reno City Council debate and a Christmas craft show. Davis was 5 7 last year in the Big Sky Conference. UTEP was 1 11 in Conference USA. The Pirates put two runners on in the top of the ninth but couldn’t bring them across. Haddix, as usual, mowed through the Braves with a pair of strikeouts and a fly ball, sending the game to the 10th still tied at 0 0. They would go to the 13th inning before reaching a resolution to the game..

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De un modo similar, Richard Nixon anunci su renuncia ante las cmaras y Gerald Ford dijo que perdonara a su predecesor. Estos discursos televisados tambin han sido usados para sumar apoyo a propuestas legislativas, como la defensa de Jimmy Carter del ahorro energtico y de Ronald Reagan del recorte impositivo. Cuando explot el transbordador espacial Challenger, Reagan us un discurso televisado para consolar a la nacin.

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