Espinoza Macias and Poudel both come from families

Espinoza Macias and Poudel both come from families

admin March 28, 2016

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Cheap Jerseys free shipping AIM is a nonprofit that provides programs to build the tech workforce in the greater Omaha area through no cost tech education for youth, a code school, tech conferences, leadership development for IT professionals, an annual tech awards show and Silicon Prairie News.No Senioritis for students learning to codeThe program took place during a time when students are almost expected to be unmotivated: the last semester of high school. But not these students.Espinoza Macias and Poudel both come from families with parents who did not attend college, something they have in common with most of the students AIM serves through its Youth in Tech programs.Bolstered by the opportunities AIM’s pilot program has given them, Espinoza Macias will head to the University of Nebraska at Omaha this fall to major in cybersecurity, while Poudel takes a slightly different route pursuing a degree in IT innovation.None of the other students who participated in the pilot program could be suspected of Senioritis either.”Even with the impact of COVID 19, students did not miss a beat in the training,” said Jim Mayberger, Career Technical Education Curriculum Specialist for Omaha South.In fact, students had been required to interview for the class, knowing from the outset that they would not receive course credit, but an even better mark instead: the opportunity to enter a tech job right after graduation.This arrangement proved powerfully motivating for students and for employers calling for a stronger local tech workforce. Once word spread about the pilot program, conversation about internships and jobs arose in multiple companies, including some of the city’s most iconic enterprises. Cheap Jerseys free shipping

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