Inside details may feature Prom Court

Inside details may feature Prom Court

admin February 26, 2016

A more intimate setting, with a quieter crowd who were focused on her would’ve been a better environment, I would imagine. Jess was in good spirits though and in a jovial mood. She commented that she’d wanted to call the tour ‘Frank turner’s Big Double Date’ instead of ‘Frank Turner’s UK Tour’ but “I was vetoed”, and that she had a full band performance at The Bedford in Balham coming up, “That’s near Kent, right?”.

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A graduate of Queens College, where she studied sociology, Richards went on to earn a master’s degree in education with a minor in human services from Fordham University. She later studied at York College to complete credits to receive a degree in special education. While teaching, she enrolled in the City College of New York to receive her degree in school administration and participated in a summer program at Harvard’s Principal Institute..

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But where I sit in the middle of May, my hope is still for the anticipation of a fall football state series. I know there could be parts of that with limited attendance and maybe with no spectator attendance. But I’m still hopeful we can have a championship in November, recognizing that is just one possibility..

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For example, we would go out to a restaurant and my dad would always scold me for trying to order a drink because he would say hey, that’s like the highest margined product at a restaurant, so just have some lemon water, son. And you know, save us some money and be smart about it. And that was one of my first memories as a kid about money..

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