Maris remained central to United’s play going forward

Maris remained central to United’s play going forward

admin February 10, 2016

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canada goose store This was even more frustrating as United had started the half reasonably well, with Greg Taylor doing his best George Taft impression by bursting into the area and picking out Knibbs, who dragged a shot wide.The remaining 40 minutes were always going to be a test for Calderwood’s side following the red card though. A man down in slippy conditions against a possession team meant it was always going to be a battle to hang in the game, and United did ride their luck. Louis John was caught out by John Jules once, who forced Callum Burton into a good save one on one, before Ben Cottrell sent Harry Darling the wrong way before nestling the shot into the net.Maris remained central to United’s play going forward, twice smacking the ball over the crossbar from distance, while Knibbs perhaps should have pulled the trigger earlier on occasions.But after a game of neat play and half chances, there was time for another bizarre moment and one of real skill to deny the U’s a win. canada goose store

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