“It’s just fun to do and all my skier friends do it

“It’s just fun to do and all my skier friends do it

admin February 6, 2016

And while the drinks are certainly on par with any decent watering hole that Manhattan has to offer, the food really does elevate this hangover haunt, with such succulent dishes as lamb meatballs, and a pronounced penchant for seafood peppered throughout its interesting menu. Sometimes described as the unique rooftop experience with tastes that serve as the perfect complement to an view of the New York City skyline Roof at Park South lacks none of the style you come to expect in the ubiquitous image of NYC cocktail caves that soar above the cityscape. If you meadering your way through our list of weird things to do in NYC at night, you definitely want to take a drinkie break at this watering hole before moving on with the evening festivities..

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