The draft eligible college players can sign if they

The draft eligible college players can sign if they

admin January 9, 2016

Frank was preceded in death by his parents, Shakir and Nora Daoud; his in laws George and Wadia Samawi; his brothers and sisters in law Beshara “Charlie” and Suhaila David, Basheer and Nimeh David, Fehhed and Nabiha David and Fuad and Naifeh David; and his nephews Ihsan David, Tofig David and Basheer Daoud. Frank is survived by his wife Laila Daoud; his siblings Fahhad “Dave” (Ida) Daoud, Dr. Fuheid “Fred” (Dr.

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At the beginning of the campaign, measure supporters said they wanted to carry all three counties, as the affordable housing bond did. Tuesday night, Peterson a former Clackamas County chair said there is still a lot of need for homeless services in the county and that if partial returns hold as more votes are counted, that means that elected officials need to listen to residents’ concern. But it won’t affect the county’s participation in how the measure money is used..

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