Though its physical halls are closed for now

Though its physical halls are closed for now

admin December 17, 2015

But proving your point is a different matter.For many years now, the media has covered Joe press conferences and “crime supression sweeps” and many other of his publicity stunts and I never heard a word of complaint about their coverage until now, when he being investigated for possible criminal abuses. Well, that is all the media is doing, and I would have to say that it seems that they are doing it in a pretty even handed manner. Do you have evidence to the contrary?Posted by the original, authentic Lawn Order (not someone who tries to dupe people into thinking he has credibility by using my handle).The biggest problem is when people don associate/put two two together realize the start of bashing/thugging, which is more apparent since new agenda started with Washington, most are radical left community organizers/criminals.

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