His advice: Use tea tree oil (over the counter at

His advice: Use tea tree oil (over the counter at

admin December 14, 2015

Instead, we can only sit back and enjoy the cool set pieces, from the colourful Mardi Gras crowds in New Orleans to a particularly well staged sting in a high rollers box inside the stadium. Then in Argentina things shift into more action mode, with chases and ambushes and even a bit of gunplay. Through all of this, it becomes increasingly clear that Ficarra and Requa are far more interested in the messy relationship between Jess and Nicky than the trickier heist elements of the plot.

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Chris has a follower base of 150000 and counting on social media. A base that clearly believes in his outstanding work. As for himself, Chris finds real joy and excitement in the unexpected nature of his work which takes him across the country every now and then.

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