And although there existed no apparent difference

And although there existed no apparent difference

admin December 6, 2015

This could mean putting a message out on social media that you are available for work, creating a video application and posting it on YouTube, showing off graphic design skills online or writing up a blog post to show off your knowledge of a certain field. Somewhat common to see employers utilize their social media platforms to announce employment opportunities at their place of work, but recently I met a candidate that did the reverse, says Ilysa Raphael, Vice President of Marketing at Power Home Remodeling. Posted on her own social media asking if anyone is hiring and it was an amazing tactic.

Arthur Perryman: He started all 105 games of his high school career at East Stroudsburg, scoring 1,735 points, the all time Cavaliers record. In his senior season in 1994, Perryman led East Stroudsburg to a District 11 title and into the state quarterfinals. He was a three time team MVP, a first team all Centennial League, and first team Pocono Record all area selection.

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