We made the call to reschedule as soon as

We made the call to reschedule as soon as

admin November 15, 2015

Our vendors were amazing in their support and quickness in moving plans around. We made the call to reschedule as soon as regulations restricted gatherings of over 50 people. Rescheduling all vendors took, at the most, 48 hours. Dr. Kavita Patel, a nonresident fellow at the Brookings Institution, participated in a Thursday question and answer session about the coronavirus, discussing many of the pressing issues facing families around the world.Patel, speaking at a virtual event for Verizon Media employees, gave her advice about the best ways to keep families safe, how to maintain mental health under quarantine and what everyone can do to help address the crisis, among other topics.A transcript of her conversation, edited for brevity and clarity, is below.Alex Wallace, head of media and content at Verizon Media: Could you start with the latest news that we have on how this virus spreads, symptoms and best ways to prevent it from spreading?Dr. Kavita Patel: You hear a lot of people saying, “Quarantine for 14 days,” and that’s because the majority of people who have had this illness had an incubation period for, we believe, about 14 days.

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