This could delay the go live process of submissions

This could delay the go live process of submissions

admin November 12, 2015 Exposure to lead during pregnancy can cause developmental reprogramming which can lead to higher risk and early onset of Alzheimer disease in later life of the child. Since lead exposure is an important public health concern, the current findings could be another piece in solving the puzzle towards understanding the intracellular mechanism of Alzheimer disease. Such findings may as well help in developing preventive and management strategies for elderly, said Dr R Hemalatha, director, ICMR NIN..

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Now isn’t the time to sit on the couch and binge TV all day. Or at least, it isn’t for Mark Wahlberg, who is using his self isolation time to step up his wellness and fitness game. The impossibly fit, nearly 50 year old actor posted a video of some downtime from his latest self isolation workout to Instagram..

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