97/litre in Mumbai, diesel at Rs 69

97/litre in Mumbai, diesel at Rs 69

admin October 27, 2015

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buy canada goose jacket cheap Apr 23, 2020 03:19 PM IST Government may go for another excise duty hike on petrol, diesel after lockdown: Report “There may be marginal hike in excise duty to offset revenue loss due to lack of demand. Discussions are being held internally,” a government official said.Mar 12, 2020 04:03 PM IST Fuel cheaper as petrol retails at Rs 70.14 in Delhi, Rs 75.84 in Mumbai Meanwhile, diesel prices per litre in these cities stood at Rs 62.89 in Delhi, Rs 65.84 in Mumbai, Rs 66.35 in Chennai, Rs 65.22 in Kolkata, Rs 65.04 in Bengaluru, and Rs 62.59 in Gurugram respectivelyMar 11, 2020 05:30 PM IST Fuel prices: Petrol sells at Rs 70.29 in Delhi, diesel at Rs 63.01 Meanwhile, a litre of petrol in Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata costs Rs 75.99, Rs 73.02 and Rs 72.98 as on March 11. Diesel prices in these cities is at Rs 65.97, Rs 66.48 and Rs 65.34 respectively.Jan 30, 2020 05:09 PM IST Fuel price today: Petrol prices fall to Rs 78.97/litre in Mumbai, diesel at Rs 69.56 After a brief pause, oil prices have declined yet again on the back of the fear of the potential economic impact of the novel coronavirus outbreak in the Chinese city of Wuhan.Jan 23, 2020 04:38 PM IST Petrol prices hit January’s lowest levels; check out latest rates across India On January 23, petrol and diesel prices across major cities in India dropped by 17 paise and 19 paise a litre respectively.Jan 16, 2020 03:08 PM IST Petrol, diesel prices cut by around 15 paise on Jan 16 In Delhi petrol costs Rs 75.55 a litre while diesel is being sold at Rs 68.92 a litre.Jan 13, 2020 04:02 PM IST Relief for customers as petrol, diesel prices drop for second day in a row This was the second consecutive day when fuel prices saw a drop on the back of slight easing of tensions between the United States and IranJan 05, 2020 11:15 AM IST Petrol, diesel prices up for 4th straight day as US strike roils oil market Retail pump price of petrol was hiked by 9 paise per litre and that of diesel by 11 paise, according to a price notification of state owned fuel retailers.Sep 26, 2019 09:51 AM IST Fuel price today: Prices rise again; petrol at Rs 79.85/ltr, diesel at Rs 70.44/ltr in Mumbai In Delhi, the prices of petrol and diesel prices were at Rs 74.19 per litre and Rs 67.14 per litre, respectivelyJul 15, 2019 10:45 AM IST Will hike in fuel prices dent your finances? If higher diesel prices push up the cost of vegetables in the rainy season, inflation may be affected laterJul 05, 2019 03:46 PM IST Budget 2019: What’s become expensive, what is cheaper? In her maiden budget speech, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman made a string of announcements, some of which directly impact the common man.Dec 10, 2018 04:45 PM IST Reporter’s Take Maruti Suzuki may slip into single digit growth for FY18 19 Uttaresh Venkateshwaran gets in conversation with Moneycontrol’s Stanford Masters to discuss the reason for the decline in sales, what lies ahead for Maruti Suzuki and much more.Nov 24, 2018 09:10 AM IST Paris braces for second wave of protests over rising fuel costs Security forces are concerned that far left and far right extremists may infiltrate the demonstrations, escalating the crowd control challengesOct 16, 2018 08:31 AM IST Oil, weaker currency sharply lifts New Zealand inflation; central bank seen ‘patient’ Chances for future rate cuts, which were already very slim but were left on the table by policymakers in recent comments, were seen diminishing. buy canada goose jacket cheap

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