I could write an entire blog on grocery store

I could write an entire blog on grocery store

admin October 14, 2015

The horrors of Italy’s experience with covid 19 readied us for the supply demand mismatch for ventilators (by which I mean not only the machine but the bed, trained staff and non trivial amount of resources required to care for a intubated covid 19 patient). It was clear that not everyone needing higher levels of respiratory support would be offered it (which, lest we forget, was also true before covid 19, albeit with huge regional variation). Ethics expert, Antommaria et al’s survey looked at US “triage” policies in 67 hospitals because triage sounds better than rationing, doesn’t it? Ok, only half of those hospitals had policies and some directors were not able to share the policies with the researchers.

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Gobernadora Kim Reynolds anunci que el estado de Iowa se puede reabrir. Restaurantes, gimnasios, tiendas de menudeo, salones de uas y pelo podrn abrir a 50% de su capacidad. Iglesias podrn reabrir con tal que los reglamentos de distanciamiento social se sigan.

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