De Blasio also said each New York Police Department

De Blasio also said each New York Police Department

admin August 24, 2015

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cheap nba jerseys Edwards had already begun to ease some restrictions but he celebrated Friday as the first official day of a phased reopening.”Thanks to the hard work of the people of Louisiana under the Stay at Home order, we have seen declining new COVID 19 cases and hospitalizations. This, coupled with increased testing and contact tracing capacity, is what is allowing us to move to Phase 1 on Friday,” Edwards said in a statement Thursday.”This is not a mission accomplished or a victory against COVID 19, but it is a positive and hopeful move for Louisiana.”In hard hit New Orleans, Mayor LaToya Cantrell is continuing restrictions for an additional day. Mayor Bill de Blasio announced Friday that “2,260 social distancing ambassadors and supervisors” will be deployed throughout the city to help monitor parks, beaches and other areas where overcrowding might happen and encourage people to maintain proper social distancing.De Blasio also said each New York Police Department precinct has a car dedicated to respond to social distancing complaints.”Where we see the greatest danger to lives in terms of the coronavirus and the area where we can enforce it is around gatherings, particularly large gatherings, so that’s where we are going to focus,” he said.As warmer weather approaches, some coastal states, including New York, are beginning to implement an array of policies for beaches. cheap nba jerseys

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nba cheap jerseys “It has to be an absolute pillar of the response going forward. If we can get the case counts down. To a manageable number, contact tracing is a far cleaner, far more surgical solution to keeping cheap nba jerseys transmission low than really anything else at our disposal in this country,” Rutherford told CNN.. nba cheap jerseys

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