Harbaugh, the first year head coach, drove Johnson

Harbaugh, the first year head coach, drove Johnson

admin August 8, 2015

They came to USD together, in 2004. Harbaugh, the first year head coach, drove Johnson eight hours in a U Haul from Oakland to San Diego. Johnson, a low profile recruit from Oakland Tech, was 5’9″, 145 lbs. His mother’s boyfriend Lafayette Lacy facing two counts of child abuse. Murder charges were amended after the boy died on September 5. According to the police report, Lacy admitted to police he shook the boy..

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The Elaine Massacre Memorial, which is being built with a donation from the Solomon family of Helena West Helena, is located in a park across from the Phillips County Courthouse. A memorial to Civil War officers from the area who fought for the South stands on one corner. The memorial is on an opposite corner.

I read with disgust recently a comment made in the local press about teaching children to walk on the edge of the road to avoid accidents. Why not instead require sidewalks in every new development and between schools and the surrounding neighborhoods? What a concept! But perhaps that makes too much sense. Developers don want to tack on a few hundred dollars to the asking price of new home to cover the cost of sidewalk..

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