As one person involved in the talks said

As one person involved in the talks said

admin July 9, 2015

The owners are whispering about free agency drying up altogether without an agreement. As one person involved in the talks said, “where is (free agent to be) Mookie Betts going to get his $200 million? The money just won’t be there and not just next year, either. It’ll take 2 3 years to recover from this.”.

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Touchstone operates 38 courses in all, and Luthman said rounds played Cheap Jerseys from china have been higher “in some examples, dramatically.” Although he’s encouraged, Luthman also warns that it’s early. “It’s difficult to make any large sweeping conclusions about the business,” he said. “Is this just the initial pop of people who are coming out to play golf because they’ve been cooped up in their house for six or seven weeks, or are lapsed golfers coming back in greater numbers and golf is going to be experiencing a bit of a renaissance? I think it’s too early to say.”.

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