Long story about how to do that and why it doesn

Long story about how to do that and why it doesn

admin July 7, 2015

The students of Joanne Mavis eighth grade CCD class at St. Faustina Church in Nanticoke recently initiated a community service project for their upcoming Confirmation. They asked each CCD (religious instruction) class to donate canned goods and other non perishable items to the food pantry.

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When asked if the digital detour could be made permanent, festival organisers say that online screening isn necessarily the future of film festivals; but it a great opportunity to ensure their survival in times like these. Sarin opines that it tough to predict whether this lockdown is the death knell of film festivals, and adds, too early [to say]. We haven considered making the Viewing Room a permanent feature since we do not have the resources to sustain such a model.

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